This Subscription Gives You Access to Ridiculous Villas and Lodges Around the Globe

From Mallorca to Vail, Inspirato puts you up in five-star accommodations for a flat monthly fee

This Subscription Gives You Access to Ridiculous Villas and Lodges Around the Globe

Some stats: Seven nights in a Sonoma County villa that sleeps eight costs $13,500. Five nights in a Beaver Creek lodge for 16 runs nearly $15,000. And six nights in a Turks and Caicos beachfront for eight is a whopping $21,000 a month.

Accomplishing all three of those vacations would cost $50,000, and that’s before booking a single flight. Unless your name is Daddy Warbucks, you’re definitely not spending that much on vacation over the course of a year. And yet … thanks to a new subscription service from luxury travel agency Inspirato, it’s now possible to accomplish each vacation listed above in the span of one month, for just $2,500. Pick your jaw up from the floor and let us explain.

Inspirato maintains more than 60,000 accommodations and experiences around the globe, from Nantucket cottages to Mediterranean cruises, and has just made it easier for interested customers to access all of them. The “Inspirato Pass,” a subscription service not dissimilar to popular ski passes like the Ikon or Epic Pass, allows members to book any of these properties for just $2,500 a month. No nightly rates, no taxes, no fees, and you can rent any of the properties or excursions up to 365 days in advance.

The timeframe of each booking varies (some last two days, others up to 60), and you’ll have to handle airfare and rental cars yourself, but you can expect a vacation advisor, on-site concierge and daily housekeeping. The $2,500/month dues aren’t exactly cheap (you could rent out a nice studio in NYC for that amount), but if you’re looking for a guaranteed high-end vacation with minimal lift and you make a point to use the service multiple times throughout the year, you’ll definitely save some money.

To get your money’s worth, your goal should be to stack up six or seven vacations and adventures from Inspirato’s site that outpace your fees. One small caveat: unless you’re willing to increase your monthly rate (to $5,000 a month), you can’t make a new reservation until the day after you complete your previous one. But Inspirato updates trip options daily, and assuming you’ve got a few spontaneous bones in your body, you should be able to make use of your pass on the fly during the year.

For more information on the pass, head here. The homes are preposterous and deserve some ogling, even if you’re not ready to spring for an annual commitment.


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