The Products Alexandra Daddario Can’t Travel Without

Plus where the star is vacationing, what she's baking and more

December 21, 2023 11:31 am
Actress Alexandra Daddario with her favorite skincare and a Roman bust.
Luxury skincare, obviously.

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Alexandria Daddario has been traveling. To Iowa.

“I decided to go to the Iowa State Fair this year, and I stayed at the Hilton in Des Moines, and I had the best time. I loved the Iowa State Fair, and I know it’s not Paris, but I had just as much fun,” says Daddario, who has starred in numerous movies and television shows including White Lotus, True Detective and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and who is set to star in I Wish You All The Best, a film based on the critically accalimed YA novel.

As an avid traveler, longtime AmEx cardholder and Hilton hotel guest, her new partnership with the renowed hospitality chain and credit card company makes perfect sense.

“It just felt very genuine. I love their cards and the points that you get with them — extra rewards and enhanced reward with their AmEx Hilton cards,” she says.

With the newly enhanced Hilton Honors American Express Cards, cardholders can earn points on everyday spending, including online retail purchases, and ample credits for Hilton stays, along with essential travel services like car rentals and flights.

“With the Surpass Card you get extra points for free stays and flights that you can obtain simply by buying groceries. It’s just really cool. You can go grocery shopping, shop online and buy all the stuff you’re normally buying, and get great points towards future stays. I think that makes traveling more fun and easier.”

Whether she’s hanging out at the State Fair or headed to her favorite travel destinations (the likes of Paris and New York), Daddario makes sure her grooming essentials are in tow.

“I can’t travel without face wash, specifically my Dior face wash. I think that’s really important, and the essentials that are sometimes hard to find at a drugstore, especially if you’re in a foreign country. So remembering to bring your razor and your tweezers. There’s an oil by Vintner’s Daughter that you can’t get anywhere, you have to order it online. Vintner’s Daughter is the best.”

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum 30ml
Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum 30ml

One of the travel products Alexandra Daddario told us she can’t travel without, this serum is formulated with nutrient-rich botanicals to address a wide range of skin concerns. 

But when she’s home, she’s spending time in the kitchen, perfecting her baking skills.

“No one wants to eat my regular cooking. I’ve tried,” she laughs. “But I’ve lately been following cookbooks to make brownies, and that’s been going over better. So I have been doing brownies, I have a brownie recipe down pat.”

And making some unique interior design choices — much to her husband’s dismay.

“I bought a statue of a guy, it looks like a broken Roman statue. It’s not authentic, it’s just a recreation of one. But my husband hates it,” she laughs.


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