Abercrombie & Kent Now Lets You Design Your Own Day of Adventure

Street food? Hike? Up to you.

Abercrombie & Kent Now Lets You Design Your Own Day of Adventure

Abercrombie & Kent has run luxury trips to some of the world’s most stunning locations since 1962. Part of the appeal for deep-pocketed travelers has always been the tour operator’s full-service approach. Flights, hotels and meals are all handled. All you have to do is show up with a camera and a good attitude.

But recent trends have displayed travelers’ predilection for customization. People have Yelp and Instagram accounts now. They’ve been bombarded with “recs” from over-eager friends weeks before their trip. They want some semblance of ownership over their adventures. And Abercrombie & Kent — recently purchased back by its original founder and eager to take a fresh step forward — has responded in kind, recently announcing its Design Your Day program, to be rolled out in 2020.

The new feature will be part of Abercrombie & Kent’s successful Small Group Journeys, a series of trips anywhere from nine to 14 days, generally limited to 18 guests each. These trips are all over the world, from a stomp through the Scottish Highlands to swimming in the Galápagos, and guests will be able to select activities on certain days based on what they’re partial to. For instance, in Zimbabwe travelers can choose between learning traditional crafts in a local village, touring an artisanal jewelry shop, or biking along the river.

One could argue that this is simply the illusion of choice, considering A&K is still curating the experiences. But it actually seems like a prudent compromise; if a couple has different interests (or can’t stand each other by day three) this is an excellent way to pursue them, and meet back later for dinner. It also speaks to the strength of A&K’s team that it can offer so many different afternoons. We recommend visiting the site ASAP to look into trips. Another travel trend A&K noted was earlier bookings. Prospective travelers are locking down trips up to eight months out. Pick a month in 2020 that works, put away a little bit of the bonus, and go have an adventure.

For more information on the trips, head here.


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