A Leather Briefcase From the Future

October 3, 2016 9:00 am

“Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom and we’re all just cavemen with briefcases, hungry for a wise person to tell us stories.”

Sage words from computer scientist Alan Key.

The story we’d tell all you cavemen: your briefcase is a relic of a past era; in fact, it’s probably the reason he’s calling you cavemen in the first place.

Here’s an upgrade: The Wingcase, hailed as “the smartest and fastest briefcase in the world.”

This little beaut — a creation of the German design team Studio Dessau, which wanted to “create a bag for urban professionals that focuses on functionality first, but also has a premium design” — offers some truly unique features beyond rich leather goodness.

To wit:

Two vertical, different-sized side pockets (the “wings”) that open with one hand and offer quick access to business necessities. An external USB port and internal power bank for multiple charging options. And above all, versatility: take out the Wing’s middle compartment and detachable side panels and you’re left with a decently spacious overnight bag.

Plus, the brief features a protected 15-inch laptop compartment, multiple internal pockets and compartments sized for different devices and office accoutrement, two sets of integrated bag locks, a luggage strap so you can slip it over your rolling luggage handle and a leather/carbon fiber shell that’s scratch-, spot- and water-resistant.

Oh, and some optional accessories should you want ‘em, like a leather laptop case and a wash bag.

The bag comes in either tan or black, and is on Kickstarter starting for $315, with estimated delivery in January. The company claims it’ll “possibly” be adding more colors if they reach certain stretch goals, as well as add-ons like matching key chains, a leather business card case and a monogram/address tag to customize the ‘case.

Wise to get your order in now.

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