What to Wear This Summer, No Matter Your Aesthetic

MR PORTER has your summer style needs covered, regardless of your vibe

June 20, 2024 11:30 am
Mr Porter summer style
No matter your vibe, MR PORTER has your summer 'fits sorted.

Ah, the age old question: what constitutes summerwear? Is it teeny tiny shorts, or a casual slub tee? Open-toed sandals and printed camp collars? Is an exceptionally crafted double-breasted blazer appropriate for a season of wear? (Answer: absolutely, should it be constructed with ventilation in mind.) There are clear signifiers we all understand – looser fits and lighter fabrics, easier colors and an itch to show a little skin. But beyond these loose rules, the question demands to be asked – what should you wear during the summer?

The question is further convoluted by aesthetic leanings. Most guys feel comfortable in a pair of 6″ inseams, but not all. A crochet knit polo with be childsplay for some fellas, and verboten for others. Some men gravitate towards sportswear, while others lean into prep or quite luxury, a fact only aggravated by the heat. For the average man without a perfectly dialed sense of personal style, the season often starts a giddy experience, only to devolve into a tedious exercise in figuring out what to wear this summer.

If this sounds remotely like you, fear not — InsideHook is here to save your season, with a little help from MR PORTER. Regardless of your sartorial inclinations or comfort level with jorts, we’ve highlighted five diverse ‘fits that virtually every man can rock on virtually any occasion. Beach, bar, Berlin — we’ve got you covered. Read on.

Suit Up, At Your Leisure

Summer suiting doesn’t have to be stuffy.
Mr Porter

A crispy linen suit — hopefully something Italian, if we’re being frank — is still one of the best ways to get dressed up in the summer, even as temps brush dangerous levels of sweat. This does not, however, mean that you have to abide to traditional, frumpy flannel suit rules. A Sauve knit polo, or better yet, a wide-legged, pleated pair of Loro Piana shorts, should properly convey you mean business while keeping you feeling cool and looking hot, hot, hot.

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Seek out Swimwear

Mr Porter

Hitting the beach — or pool, or lake, or whatever body of water you happen to find yourself next to — is a time-honored tradition, but you can do better than those ratty old trunks. Nautical paraphernalia a la printed guppies or retro seersucker stripes are the perfect way to make a summer splash…granted you have the right accessories.

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Love Longer Shorts

Oversized linen might be the look of the season.
Mr Porter

The rumors are true. While short shorts remain a viable option, Longer shorts — the kind that traverses the kneecap, not those 9″ cargo joints you’re wont to pull out at the BBQ — are very much in, with the wackier the print or bolder the denim the better. Naturally, you need the cropped top (don’t worry, you can wear a tee underneath) and ’90s loafers to match. This may seem daunting, but think of it as an exercise in staying young.

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Summer-ize Staples

Tasty lapels and a classic fit keep everything refined.
Mr Porter

Maybe jorts or a $540 tee isn’t for you. (Hell, maybe even a linen suit is out of your comfort zone.) That’s perfect okay…but don’t get caught in the fiery hell that is heavy twill or worsted wool on an 85-degree day. All of the basics you know and love — your blue oxford, white chinos, fresh-out-of-the-box sneakers — are all available in summery versions, with twisted fabrics and looser cuts that will keep you comfortable, both in your skin and in the heat.

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Mix Monochromatics

Cotton blends and dressed-down cuts make linen suiting easier than ever.
Mr Porter

Given the breadth of apparel at your fingertips, monochromatic is a particularly stellar summer move. Don’t think that this doesn’t mean you can’t introduce some flair — funky patterns, primo materials, a sleek pair of shades — into your get-up. If anything, it gives you a license.

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