The Tie Bar Is Making Perfectly Modern Oxford Shirts Now

And they’re less than $50 each if you buy three of ‘em

The Tie Bar
Get 3 new Oxford shirts for $140 at The Tie Bar
The Tie Bar

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The Tie Bar is one of our go-to stores for affordable and elevated men’s accessories … and, more recently, a nice line of shirts.

And the Chicago-based brand is expanding that shirt line this week with the launch of their first collection of Oxford shirts

Looking good both dressed up or in more casual settings, this is menswear made easy. All you need is to select your neck and sleeve size, a standard or trim fit and your color or pattern. The Tie Bar’s menu even makes it easy to match your new shirt with a suit or pants (or even by occasion). 

The new shirts are button down, featuring a modern, tuck-or-untuck length (which is about 1.25” shorter than usual) and untaped seams for an intentional, relaxed feel. Plus, they’re machine washable.

Available in three colors, the All-Purpose Oxford shirts are a reasonable $55 each, or 3 for $140. And you can throw in a free pair of dress socks of your choice with the code SOLEMATE. 

(The Tie Bar also has a few other new shirting options available in the same price range, including a Petite Houndstooth in Lavender, Oversized Vertical Stripe in Blue, Printed Circles in Sky Blue and a Double Vertical Stripe in Blue.)

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