In Praise of Compression Shorts (And One Pair in Particular)

The Wolaco North Moore is a must-have for the active man

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The fine folks over at Huckberry currently have a pretty hefty activewear sale going on, offering up to 30% off a wide variety of products that will help you get up to your old athletic ways now that winter hibernation is finally on the wane.

The crown jewel of the sale, in our humble opinion, is the Wolaco North Moore Compression Short, discounted to a mere $35. If you’re someone who doesn’t wear compression shorts for athletic activity, you’re doing it all wrong. The benefits are myriad: they provide security for the boys, muscle compression to help keep the hammies warm, moisture wickage, chafing prevention and the avoidance of any unwanted accidental “exposures” when doing leg lifts.

And if you’ve ever rubbed your inner thighs raw on a long run while wearing ordinary underwear, you understand the true value of compressions. So for those of you who are already evangelists of the spandex, allow us to explain why these ones from Wolaco are so ace. First and foremost, they have side pockets for phone and/or key storage, so you don’t have to worry about finding athletic shorts with pockets you like, or worse, being one of those people that uses an armband to secure your phone. And even if your typical running shorts have pockets, these work better because the phone is held flush against your thigh thanks to the namesake compression, so you don’t have to worry about a bobbling mass in your pocket as you’re running. Further, they’re slightly thicker and sturdier than your typical compression short, meaning you feel more secure. And perhaps most importantly, they don’t pill up on the inner thigh after a month or two of use like your typical compression short does.

At $35 they’re a steal, so we suggest you act fast for all the many athletic activities you’re going to do come springtime.

Buy Now: $35

And because we don’t recommend you be one of those people that chooses to work out in nothing but compression shorts, we suggest you pair them with the Rhone Mako Short, also part of the sale and 30% off. They’re super stretchy and quick drying, plus they also have their own pockets, should you decide need some additional storage space on your workouts.

Buy Now: $47


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