The 5 Best Garment Bags for Wrinkle-Free Travel

These duffel/garment hybrids are all approved for carry-on

January 24, 2020 1:00 pm
The 5 Best Garment Bags for Wrinkle-Free Travel

Unless he’s truly roughing it, a man should always keep a suit handy during his weekend travels.

Never know when you’re gonna need to impress, right?

That said, keeping your dress clothes in tip-top shape isn’t easy unless you bring along a separate garment bag. And since we’re trying to minimize your luggage struggles/airline fees, a hybrid bag is the most convenient way to go.

By hybrid, we mean duffels (carry-on-sized, for our purposes here) that feature an integrated garment bag. Two bags in one, or one less headache for your flight.

Suitsupply Blue Holdall Suit Carrier

This inconspicuous bag by Suitsupply is ideal for toting around your precious cargo: the exterior is made from cotton canvas, meaning it’ll withstand any potential abuse you might put it through, and the interior features straps that’ll keep your suits will stay secure through any amount of jostling.

J.Crew Ludlow Garment Duffel Bag

You really can’t go wrong with navy cotton canvas, so we gave you another option. The J.Crew Ludlow garment duffel is similar to the Stitch one in that it unfolds and features two handy wing flaps that’ll turn it back into a duffel — it’s like magic! Once you have your suits safely secured, you’ll still have plenty to room to put all your other essentials like shoes, ties, etc.

Cathys Concepts Monogram Duffle/Garment Bag

If you travel a lot and are dead set on making sure some rando doesn’t snag your bag, get it monogrammed. This tweed version with leather accents feels extra-gentlemanly. The wing flaps of this one are perfect for holding a pair of shoes (one shoe in each, that is) so you’ll wanna be extra sure about the pair you’re bringing along.

Hook & Albert Garment Weekender

This one’s for the frequent flyers. While the Garment Weekender by Hook & Albert is an investment piece, but you’re bound to have this one for years to come. The bag also features two roomy front pockets for keeping your travel necessities readily available and avoid any TSA related hassles.

Stitch Golf UGB Garment Bag

The best garment/duffel hybrid we’ve come across comes from a … golf bag company? That’s right: Stitch Golf’s ingenious new garment bag that coils back on itself and then zips closed via the two wing flaps you see above to create a makeshift duffel with enough space for a weekend’s worth of clothes. It packs and unpacks more quickly than any other bag on this list, and Stitch also offers custom monogramming. It’s the perfect option for summer golf-and-wedding outings (and also a great groomsmen gift).

Malle Garment Duffel

Yes, another canvas bag, but this one is waxed canvas so it’s waterproof, meaning all your expensive, nice suits will remain dry. And while this looks like a basic black duffel from the outside (nothing wrong with that) once you unroll it you’ll be surprised with a crimson red interior, detailed with of ducks (or what appears to be some type of winged animal).

This post was updated on January 24th, 2020.


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