A Guide to All Our Favorite Calpak Travel Products

From cosmetic cases to coolers

May 6, 2024 11:23 am
Your one-stop-shop for all things Calpak
Your one-stop-shop for all things Calpak

There are legions of luggage companies out there and, as a travel writer, I’ve tried most of them. It sounds like a flex but, being that I live in a 750-square-foot apartment, it’s actually more of an extreme sport. For that reason, it’s rare that I find myself tied to any one bag, or even brand, save for one exception: I always make my way back to Calpak.

I love Calpak. I have Calpak shoe bags, packing cubes, duffles, check-ins, carry-ons, laptop totes, crossbody bags and cosmetic cases in three different sizes, all of which have survived several (necessary) travel-product-related purges. I have, on various occasion, also purchased several of those items for others. I’m not sure if it’s the sensible price points, the versatility, the durability or the aesthetic, but I quite literally cannot stop consuming Calpak products. At the time of this writing, there is a Calpak tote on my desk — with a Calpak passport wallet inside — and a soft-sided Calpak carry-on at my feet. Overkill? Maybe, but I feel no remorse.

Of course, I’m hardly the first to fall victim to Calpak’s charms. On more than one occasion, I’ve had strangers on planes and in airports strike up conversations with me about my Luka Duffle (I have two) after it went viral on TikTok. “Are you as obsessed with that bag as I am?” (Yes.) “Is that duffle as good as the internet claims it is?” (Also yes.)

That said, there are a lot of Calpak products to parse through, so where to start? As a Calpak connoisseur, I’ve taken it upon myself to put together a guide to some of my favorites. It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

Below, the aforementioned favorites:

Compakt Shoe Bag Set

Shoe bags aren’t a radical concept, but they have totally changed the way I pack. Whereas I used to cram my shoes — often sandy or caked with mud — into the main compartment of my suitcase alongside everything else, up to and including clean clothes, thanks to Calpak’s Compakt Shoe Bags, I’m now able to keep them separate, without using up more space.

Luka Duffel

This is one of my all-time favorite bags, and the aforementioned star of duffel TikTok. Up until recently, when I transitioned over to the Luka Expandable Laptop Tote, I was using the Large Luka Duffel as my work bag. Now I use it as my “personal item” when I travel. It’s just the right size and can withstand any amount of travel-related abuse you might put it through.

Packing Cubes 5-Piece Set

Chronic over-, or just generally messy-, packer? Not with these you aren’t. Available in five different sizes, and 20 colorways (!), these organizers will keep your luggage in perfect order.

Large Clear Cosmetics Case

Behold: the only cosmetic case you will ever need, for the rest of your life. I started with the small size, before graduating to the large and then ultimately settling on the medium a la Goldilocks. That said, I gifted my sister — an esthetician who, at all times, is traveling with an incredible amount of skincare — and it may as well have been a winning lottery ticket.

Diaper Backpack with Laptop Sleeve

I don’t have much experience with diaper bags, but if I were in the market for one — it’d be Calpak’s Diaper Backpack with Laptop Sleeve. It looks good, and it’s functional, which (I’d assume) is paramount when talking baby accessories.

Insulated 8L Soft-Sided Cooler

I’m a sucker for a good cooler. This one is lightweight and spacious, making it a choice companion for both daily lunches and weekend excursions.

Travel Water Bottle Holder

You’d be forgiven for thinking a bag solely designed to carry your water bottle sounds ridiculous — but you’d be wrong. Calpak’s water-resistant sling bag is one of the women of InsideHook’s most-used, favorite accessories. Sometimes you only want to haul around a water bottle, wallet, keys, phone and lipgloss on walks, to the gym/workout class or errand runs, and this bag does so seamlessly.

Trnk 2-Piece Luggage Set

For the sake of transparency, I don’t own the this but once at a Calpak product showcase, my co-worker became immediately enamored with the (new at the time) Trnk set. Thanks to its faux crocodile design it is, in her words, “So cute!”

Hue Carry-On

A perfect, no frills polycarbonate carry-on, the Hue has spinner wheels, expandable capacity and built-in TSA, making it the perfect cabin luggage. (I can also vouch for the Hue Large Luggage and the Hue Mini Carry-On).


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