Suitsupply’s Insane “World’s Lightest Suit” Weighs 1.15 Lbs

The wool-silk blend will make you feel like you're wearing nothing at all

August 5, 2019 10:07 am
suitsupply world's lightest suit

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Ever notice how dapper old Italian men can wear a three-piece wool suit in the middle of July without looking any worse for the wear? That’s not because of some genetic mutation — it’s because their tailors are really, really good at what they do.

Good news: you no longer have to book a ticket to Milan to get yourself kitted up accordingly. That’s because Suitsupply — the Italian-inspired, Amsterdam-based suiting outfit with locations all over America — recently debuted what they’re calling the “World’s Lightest Suit”. It checks in at a scant 1.15 lbs (.6 lbs for the jacket and .55 lbs for the pants).

Cut from an 85% super-150s wool, 15% silk blend, the suit maintains a decent level of shape and structure despite its feathery weight. That means that on your person, other suit-wearers will not be able to tell that you’re wearing the world’s lightest suit, aside from the fact that you will likely be sweating less than them. Take off the jacket and hold it up to the light, though, and the magic happens: the suit looks like gossamer, or a bridal veil, and on the hand, it feels like you’re holding something made from papier mache.

The World’s Lightest Suit retails for $999. It’s not available online, but you can find it at a Suitsupply near you. Order now and you might still be able to break it out for a summer wedding or two.

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