Deal: Sperry’s Classic Boat Shoes Are 50% Off Today Only

Get yourself a pair of Authentic Originals for just $50

Three pairs of Sperry Authentic Original Top-Sider boat shoes in brown and blue leather
It doesn't feel like summer until you're in a pair of Sperry Top-Siders.

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Look, we get it, that whole Chet Hanks “White Boy Summer” thing was good for a couple laughs. But if you’re actually taking style advice from him — namely, that you shouldn’t wear Sperry’s timeless Top-Siders during the summer when we’re making it a priority to get on as many boats as possible — you seriously need to get your sartorial priorities straightened out. 

You better do it quick, too, because Sperry is offering almost 50% off their Authentic Original boat shoes when you use code DAY1 at checkout, and this discount is only good on Tuesday.

This isn’t a sitewide discount, but the boat shoes included in the sale are some of the best. First, there’s the Cross Lace Washed Stripe Boat Shoe, which is available in three colors and features a full-grain leather upper and washed navy stripe footbed. Then there’s the Cross Lace Seersucker Boat Shoe, which is available in two more muted leather uppers and a fun seersucker lining. There’s no wrong answer here, except agreeing with Chet Hanks.

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