When Small-Batch L.L. Bean Boots Go on Sale, Buy Them for the Whole Family

Two limited-edition duck boots just got discounted

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I have a special relationship with my Bean Boots. If I could wear them 24/7, I would (that is, if I wouldn’t be mistaken on the streets of New York for Mr. Deeds). And we’re talking a pair of the classic made-in-Maine 8-inch stompers. Just look at that chain-tread sole! [Chef’s kiss.]

That said, I would cheat on them in a heartbeat with L.L. Bean’s limited-edition, small-batch duck boots. And it looks like the day has come, because they’ve got two of my favorite pairs at a rare discount: a colonial red, navy and white colorway and suede in cocoa, juniper and gum.

BUY RED: $109 BUY SUEDE: $109

I’ve had my eye on these red beauts since L.L. Bean announced their small-batch collection back in 2017. The only reason I personally haven’t picked them up yet is, sort of counterintuitively, that their duck boots are one of the few American-made heritage products that are as good today as they were 50 years ago. Ergo, my current pair is going to last me for years to come.

This sale, on the other hand, isn’t going to last as long, so grab a pair while you can. And if you haven’t figured out what you’re getting the family for Christmas yet, they also have some nice sales on Women’s and Kids’ styles.

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