These Are Decidedly Not Your Father’s Stan Smiths

What in tarnation are these?!' – The actual Stan Smith

May 12, 2017 9:00 am

The Stan Smith is the sneaker world equivalent of the Alien franchise: it’s just going to keep getting updated until the sun blows into a red giant and humanity goes up in smoke with it.

Today, we get a look at the latest iteration, as the brand doubles down on the Primeknit upper and a sock-style silhouette while retaining the extra-cushioned Boost sole. 

Fact: Stan Smith, the sneaker, is now more famous than Stan Smith, the namesake and tennis pro — which seems like a raw deal for the two-time Grand Slam singles winner (the U.S. Open in 1971 and Wimbledon the following year) and one-half of a super-successful doubles pairing with Bob Lutz. 

We don’t know what Smith would make of the shoes he first endorsed in 1973. As for us, we like the update: it’s like a pixelated version of the original.

Keep up with the times, gents. 

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