Deal: Still Wearing the Same Oxfords? Switch It Up for 50% Off.

Saturdays NYC will get you out of your rut

Saturdays NYC Men's Crosby Oxford Shirts
It's time you tried a new Oxford. Saturdays NYC's is 50% off.
Saturdays NYC

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We completely understand the Zuckerburgian desire to have a uniform — that is, a set of clothes you wear day in and day out to remove the morning hassle of choosing an outfit. But no matter how strong your conviction or how classic the uniform, it can and will get stale.

Take the white Oxford shirt. It’s one of the most essential pieces of menswear. But if you’ve been wearing the same ones for years, it’s high time you tried out another option, like the mid-weight, 100% cotton Crosby Oxfords from Saturdays NYC that are currently 50% off.

There’s nothing crazy here — no tiny collars, wacky hems or ostentatious branding — which is why you can feel comfortable picking up a couple and taking advantage of the free shipping when you hit the $100 mark. If you’ve never tried Saturdays before, it’s the perfect introduction to one of the more refined lifestyle brands around. 

That said, if you’re an anti-uniform eccentric, the Crosby Oxford is also on sale in fuchsia. Now that is a color goal for 2020.

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