Our Favorite Cozy Slipper Is Back … For Now

They’re called shearling “Babas,” they sell out very fast, and you need a pair

sabah shearling baba brown

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If you are a regular reader of this publication, there is a high likelihood that you’ve heard of Sabah. We’ve been staunch proponents of the hand-made Turkish leather slippers since they first emerged on the footwear scene, as they are a pretty unassailable combination of comfort, durability, versatility and general swaggy vibes.

A little while back, the Sabah crew augmented their offering with the “Baba” — essentially a backless slide version of their original silhouette — and shortly thereafter a seasonal shearling-lined version of the Baba, the style and coziness of which was so undeniable that they sold out in 48 hours. Every single pair.

Long story short, the shearling Baba is the hottest of commodities — and rightfully so, as they are arguably the best possible footwear choice for kicking around the domicile when it’s chilly outside. All the toasty comfort of your average house shoe but with a more refined feel, and just like the original Sabah, they only get better looking the more you wear them.

Lucky for you, it so happens that we know a fresh batch of shearling Babas have been released just this morning. Including, for the record, the brand-new colorway Denali Green, a handsome hue if ever there was one and perfect to pair with a pair of comfy corduroys and your favorite cashmere sweater.

If history is any indication, they will not last. So whether it’s for yourself or you just want to cross a special someone off your holiday gifting list a little early, best to get on it while the gettin’s good.

sabah shearling baba denali green

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