Raleigh Denim Workshop's New Arrivals Are Here

It's time you make the transition to raw denim

Raleigh Denim Workshop's New Arrivals Are Here
Raleigh Denim Workshop

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Denim isn’t what it used to be. Jeans are now infused with stretch; denim jackets come already distressed and faded. But nothing can compare to the real thing — raw denim. The unprocessed, untouched fabric allows the wearer to impart their personality onto the jeans by allowing them to determine the way in which they break in. Everything the wearer does while wearing raw denim (even what they carry in their pockets) will affect the patina. Each pair becomes unique to the wearer, molding to their body and reflecting the life they live.

One brand pioneering the return to raw denim is Raleigh Denim Workshop. When making their jeans and other denim goods, the company considers the lifespan of the fabric and how it will wear over time. Their Original Denim starts out as a deep indigo and with continuous wear fades into a vintage blue, giving the wearer something to look forward to.

And just in time for the coming spring, the brand released a crop of new goods, including new iterations of jeans crafted from their Original Denim, as well as other denim and non-denim products, like this Raglan Chore Coat, or their Raglan Sweatshirts. Just like their raw denim jeans, everything they make has that classic Americana workwear feel, clothing you can work and live in indefinitely, and each product offers a chance for you to imbue a sense of yourself and life into it. Who wouldn’t want that from their clothing?

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