Outerknown’s Summer Sale Might Just Be Better Than Prime Day

Up to 60% off sustainably sourced staples

July 13, 2022 10:43 am
a collage of items from the Outerknown Summer Sale on a blue textured background

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Editor’s note: That’s a wrap for this year but we’ll be back in 2023! In the meantime, please check out our best Deals that are trending right now.

Amazon Prime Day boasts insane deals, huge stock, and a variety of categories to shop through. Many people would tell you it’s the most important shopping event of the summer. But wouldn’t you know it, sustainable retailers Outerknown just kicked off their Semi-Annual Summer Sale, and we think it’s even better.

From now until 7/25, a load of Outerknown’s high-quality offerings are on sale, and not just past-season stuff; we’re talking swim trunks (better late than never), beach pants, even some of their best-selling styles, aka the beloved Blanket Shirt. It’s all there for the taking…until it sells out, of course.

We’ve got your one-stop-shop guide to the Semi-Annual Summer Sale, primed and ready to be perused. Not enough for you? Shop the entirety of the sale here, or maybe even check out more alternate Prime Day Deals. Below, our top picks from the Outetkown Summer Sale.

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a red blanket shirt button-up from Outerknown on a grey background

Outerknown Blanket Shirt

The best-selling Blanket Shirt is a bona fide winner solely based on comfort. We’re not just blowing smoke here; the heavyweight organic cotton twill reminds us of that old hoodie that took us years to wear in, minus fast food stains and that…distinct odor. Combined with premium fixings like buttons made from nuts (weird flex, but okay) and a wrinkle-resistant design, it makes perfect sense why this remains our top pick from Outerknown.

a pair of turquoise swim trunks from Outerknown on a grey background

Outerknown Tasty Scallop Trunk

A pair of tasty, 4-way stretch swim shorts garnished with a guarantee of a recycled, Fair Trade Certified construction? Don’t mind if we do!

a blue polo from Outerknown on a grey background

Outerknown Roam Polo

The hemp-organic cotton blend of Outerknown’s Roam Polo doesn’t just ensure comfort and breathability, it ensures that you look like a million bucks.

a pair of yellow volley shorts from Outerknown on a grey background

Outerknown Nomadic Volley Shorts

Patagonia Baggies who? The Nomadic Volley shorts check all the demanding hybrid-short boxes — relaxed fit, durable recycled polyester twill, elastic waistband, even the oft-forgotten back zip pocket — with some stylish gold aplomb.

a peach pullover sweater from Outerknown on a grey background

Outerknown Sur Sweatshirt

The Sur Sweatshirt is crafted with the same lightweight hemp-cotton blend, this time with French Terry construction for an added level of couch-ready comfort.

a pair of grey beach pants from Outerknown on a grey background

Outerknown Verano Beach Pants

The Verano Beach Pants look like a linen trouser but feel just like a pajama pant. We’ll chalk that up to the 7oz. hemp blend construction (half the weight of jeans) and elastic drawcord. Toss in front slash pockets, and voila! A perfect summer pant, on sale.

a white tee from Outerknown on a grey background

Outerknown Recreation Tee

Though the Recrreation Tee is branded as a gym shirt, you might not know it from just looking at it. Woven from a recycled polyester jersey (albeit with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties), it would look just as appropriate on a tortured and inexplicably jacked chef as by the free weights.

a pair of tan chinos from Outerknown on a grey background

Outerknown Fort Chino Pants

Just a simple, sturdy durable twill chino pant on sale at the perfect price point. It’s that simple.

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