Deal: Print or Plain? Original Penguin Has Summer Shirts Over 60% Off.

The double sale extends to shorts, swimsuits and other essentials

Original Penguin men's print short-sleeve shirt and polo
Original Penguin just added an extra 50 percent off its sale section.
Original Penguin

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You’ve had enough summer weekends already to know the holes in your warm-weather wardrobe (Saturday was the solstice, after all, in case you missed that in the shuffle). Which means that while Original Penguin’s current sale, where over 300 already discounted items were recently slashed an extra 50 percent, would normally be overwhelming, you’ve already got a game plan in place.

Need some plain golf polos? Penguin has plenty of those. What about any day, anytime polos? They’ve got those too. What about big prints (or even small prints)? Plenty of those to go around, all $35 and under. Just make sure to pair them with some half-off shorts.

However, we are not, under any circumstances, endorsing T-shirts with the phrase “It’s Nice to Meat You” circling a grill. Stay away from the graphic tees.

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