Oofos Has a New Recovery Shoe, And We’re Fully Sold

We knew OOFOS slides were good, but this is something different entirely

June 22, 2023 11:52 am
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At this point, it seems like everyone has finally recognized how important it is that we give our bodies everything they need to recover and function at a high level. From the rapidly growing popularity of ice baths to the focus on sleep and its myriad benefits, even everyday people are constantly biohacking to try and gain an edge, or to just alleviate some of their pain.

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But what if it doesn’t just stop there? OOFOS, a shoe brand that focuses on recovery, is reshaping the way we perceive comfort and taking care of our bodies. Using the brand’s proprietary OOfoam technology, the product line features a series of shoes that can absorb impact for improved comfort and recovery. (We recently featured them in our guide to recovery slides for men, as well.)

As an avid exerciser who loves to lift, specifically on lower body exercises, I am all too familiar with the pain that comes with putting your joints under a heavy load. A true fear of mine is an injury that will sideline me from doing the thing that I love most. So, whenever something comes along that can help to keep me safe and pain-free, I’m all ears, which is how I ended up trying a pair of the OOFOS OOmg Sport Low.

The OOFOS Background

OOFOS was started by a group of footwear experts who felt there was no footwear options available that could actually provide absorption for the time that you aren’t working out. After recognizing this void, they spent two and a half years working to create the company’s proprietary foam.

In terms of how these shoes work, the OOfoam can absorb “37% more impact than traditional foam footwear materials for the perfect blend of cushion and stability.” That foam works in tandem with the brand’s patented footbed to be able to lower the ankle’s energy output by 47% when compared to other shoes on the market. 

So what does this mean? Well, according to OOFOS all of this technology combines for a shoe that is able to lower feet, knee, and back pain while also promoting a more natural walking motion, cradling your arches, and lowering the necessary energy at the primary joints for walking. As a taller person who deals with periodic back pain and mild joint pain, I was interested to see how these would work.

OOFOS has an expansive product line but I tested the men’s OOmg Sport Low. Below are my findings.

OOmg Sport Low

The OOmg Sport Low is designed to be worn out and about. It features a tapered sidewall and a four-way FiberFlex upper that accommodates your every move.

I was immediately surprised by how light these shoes were. They looked bulky, so I expected them to be heavier than they turned out to be. When I put them on, I quickly understood that it was different from the other shoes I had worn in the past. It’s a difficult sensation to describe, other than to simply say “ooh”, which is, by the way, how the brand decided to name it. I wasn’t the first person to have that reaction. 

I compared the feel of these shoes with a very popular running shoe that up until this point I assumed provided superior comfort. With my OOmg Sport on my left foot and this other shoe on my right, I walked around to explore the difference. The running shoe on my right foot felt super hard and unforgiving in comparison. The OOFOS felt more like gliding than walking.

The effortlessly lightweight nature of the OOmg, combined with the natural support of the foam, is really a unique experience. Even when walking on harder surfaces like cement, the foam does all the work and there’s no reverberation up your ankles. When I made a concerted effort to step harder, all of that seemed to be absorbed, creating no tension through my ankles or my knees.

On days when I wake up sore from lifting, this sort of added support was a real treat. Anything to take away a bit of the muscle tension feels great and makes getting around easier. Additionally, on days when I have back pain from sleeping funny, OOFOS is a great choice. I’m in Manhattan most days, constantly walking on some of the least forgiving concrete the world has ever seen. But when I wear a pair of OOFOS I’m able to take the sting out of every step.

Are they worth it?

If you are someone who is looking to make life a little easier, these are a great option. And they aren’t just ideal for athletes, anybody dealing with joint pain, recovering from an injury or just looking for a more pleasant walking experience should consider looking into these.

I’m not alone in my praise for these shoes, people like Olympic gold medalist Ashley Caldwell and retired NFL Quarterback Alex Smith, among many other world-class athletes, swear by OOFOS. Caldwell finds them to be an essential tool that she puts on as soon as she’s done with a grueling day of training, citing that they make her feet, ankles and knees feel much better. Smith, who suffered a traumatic spinal fracture in his leg in 2018, implemented OOFOS as a part of his recovery every day. With all of this in mind, the answer is a resounding yes for me, these shoes are well worth it.

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