4 Complete Looks to Shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Summer 'fitspo, courtesy of our favorite retailer's yearly blowout

July 31, 2023 12:23 pm
a collage of items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on a red blue background
With temps this hot, you're going to need some serious warm-weather 'fitspo. Luckily, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here to deliver.
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With the dog days of summer upon us (exacerbated, of course, by rampant climate change), getting dressed is, frankly, a serious pain in the ass. Even if your central AC is blasting or the office offers some frigid reprieve from mother nature’s fury, the sweaty five-minute walk to the furnace of a subway system or even just down the driveway to your car that leaves every bit of you soggy makes putting on any amount of clothing a total chore.

The Best Style Deals From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
From Nike to Bonobos to Ray-Ban, Nordstrom has the deals

Insidehook is, however, in the business of getting ‘fits off, and helping you do the same. To this end, we’ve put together a series of outfits with a little help of the blowout Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for you to admire, steal from, or downright copy. These get-ups are designed to keep you feeling cool and looking red hot, all while saving some serious dough in the process. You’ll find drawstring pants, summer suiting, workwear from Dickies and Carhartt, maybe even an idea or two. Below, four fitspos, courtesy of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Hot “French New Wave” Summer

Haven’t you heard? This summer is all about dressing like an impossibly good-looking yet depressed French guy from a meandering sun-soaked ’70s film. Contrary to what you might think, this isn’t as hard to pull off as it sounds: some drawstring pants straight out of your grandfather’s closet, a breezy tonal button up and not-a-care-in-the-world footwear (like Nisolo’s excellent huaraches should go a long way in establishing your Rohmer-style ethos. Oh, and maybe a pack of Gauloises, too.

Warm-Weather Workwear Warrior

We’ll be honest with you — we haven’t revved up out power stander in quite some time (or swung a hammer, for that matter), and if we were to guess, you might not have either. New flash: this doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you know your way around a workshop. Carpenter pants (or shorts), summer-ready corduroy: it’s all the for the taking. Just be wary: next thing you know, you might be offering to build your ex a plywood bookshelf.

The Low-Key King

Looking good doesn’t always mean stunting or strutting in high-vis hues or ultra-expensive designer. Sometimes, the best outfits come together from the easiest of pieces — a dad-core shoe here, a CPO jacket there, maybe your favorite sunglasses. Lean into the casualness of your wardrobe; in this heat, getting ‘fits off is a marathon, not a sprint.

Best-Dressed: Summer Wedding Edition

We’re deep in summer wedding season by now, so you’ve surely seen it all: the good, the bad and the very, very sweaty. Don’t make the same mistake — dressing down an airy linen suit jacket with, say, a sweat-wicking Pima tee, is perfectly acceptable for 90-degree nuptials, granted you have the right accessories.

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