A Tactical Sneakerboot Designed by an Ex-Special Forces Operative

It's called the Bladerunner Boot. It looks the part.

December 5, 2017 9:00 am

You never know when inspiration is going to strike.

For ex-Danish Special Forces member Helge Petersen, his moment of inspiration hit in 1981 while he was hanging in a parachute, suspended between the sky above and ground below. Despite his precarious perch, Petersen found himself pondering why his suit was wet but his parachute still dry, a thought that led him to create a running suit crafted from parachute fabric.

Petersen went on to found Newline, an apparel brand that focuses on creating military-inspired products that are functional as well as comfortable. Case in point: his new Bladerunner Boot.

A collaboration between Brandblack and Newline’s Halo (High Altitude with Low Openings) division, the water-resistant Bladerunners sit atop a Vibram RGS hiker outsole and feature advanced knit interior construction and reinforced toes.

Priced at $250, the big black boots are available online and being offered tax-free, for now.

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