Deal: Naadam Makes Our Favorite Hoodie. Now It’s 50% Off.

A cashmere sale that includes sweaters, shirts and more

Naadam cashmere
It's up to half off Naadam's super-soft cashmere hoodies

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Naadam has been our favorite purveyor of cashmere goods for years. The direct-to-consumer brand has a save-the-planet ethos we dig, sure, but we selfishly are more about how good their Mongolian cashmere feels.

Their stuff is lightweight, ridiculously soft, odor-free and has a comfy fit — particularly their hoodies, which we dare say are quite flattering to stocky types. 

With great quality come some fairly high prices, which is why an early Labor Day sale from Naadam is your ideal time to buy into an idea of going cashmere-everything with your wardrobe. It’s up to 50% off an array of hoodies, sweaters and sweatpants, but also a few items you wouldn’t expect, including tees, shorts and pillow shams.

A few favorites, below:

Naadam Men's Silk Cashmere Zip Hoodie

Men’s Silk Cashmere Zip Hoodie

Naadam Luxe Unisex Cashmere Sweater

Luxe Unisex Cashmere Sweater

Naadam Saturday Shirt

Saturday Shirt

NAADAM 100% Cashmere Sweatpants

100% Cashmere Sweatpants

Note: All sales are final, sizes are limited.

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