Deal: Mizzen + Main Makes the Best Fall Shirt You’ve Never Heard of. And It’s on Sale.

Everyone needs a performance flannel, and this one's our favorite

October 8, 2021 11:28 am
A grey stripe performance flannel from Mizzen + Main worn by a man. The shirts are on sale in October 2021.
The flannels do come in traditional plaids, but also stripes and solid colors.
Mizzen + Main

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I’d like to say I love all my flannel shirts equally. I’ve got a few hardy options both from L.L.Bean and Duluth Trading Co., and even a thrifted number from St. John’s Bay that has surprisingly proved its worth over the years, and all of those are 100% cotton. But to be completely honest, the one I find myself reaching for the most is a so-called “performance flannel” from Mizzen + Main.

You may know Mizzen + Main for being the guys trying to offer a better button-up experience by way of fabrics that stretch more, wrinkle less, breathe easier, that sort of thing, and you can certainly use their current sale to pick up some new blue gingham-pattern office shirts or crisp white numbers. Right now, they’re offering a tiered sale of $25 off orders over $150, $50 off $250+ and $100 off $400+ when you use code CANTSTOP at checkout. But if you want my advice, you should really pick up a couple of their perfected flannels. 

I pulled my Mizzen + Main flannel out of the closet just to have it on hand while I write this, so if you’re wondering how a combination polyester, rayon and spandex flannel can really compare to a traditional cotton flannel, let me tell you these still provide that coveted softness and flannel style (there are traditional plaids here, but also stripes and solids), but with all the aforementioned attributes you want from a shirt you can actually wear around town and potentially to the office instead of just into the woods. Plus, if you’re tired of the less-than-flattering cuts on the flannels in your closet, Mizzen + Main makes one that’ll actually fit (there are two styles to choose from, classic and trim, instead of just “boxy”).

One note about their sale: Yes, you will need to buy two flannels to get to a tier where you’ll get a discount, but it’s worth it if you still haven’t found a flannel style you like. And if you do like your regular cotton flannels fine, good for you.

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