Lululemon Makes a Surprisingly Perfect Date Night Henley

And other reasons that you should add the 5 Year Basic Long Sleeve to your arsenal

Lululemon Henley

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Last year, we asked five menswear founders to explain why their Henley was the best Henley. Creatives like John Moore (Outerknown), Erik Allen Ford (Buck Mason) and others waxed poetically on curved hems, cat-eye buttons made in Italy, and construction that saves 1,200 gallons of water a shirt.

At the time, we specifically reached out to head honchos from heritage-style brands. Workwear types. But I realized on a night out recently that we might’ve made a major omission. Activewear brands are as good and thoughtful about making clothes as any other lifestyle outfitter out there. And the industry leader, Lululemon, has managed to make one hell of a Henley.

For starters here — Lululemon does make athletic Henleys. The Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 is a stretchy blend that’s designed for running. The brand also makes its share of casual clothing. You can find button-downs, bombers, canvas trousers and even flannels if you peruse the site. But I’m specifically besotted with the casual, comfortable, crisp 5 Year Basic Long Sleeve Henley, a three-button long-sleeve which, according to Lululemon, is meant for work, commuting and travel.

You can add an evening on the town to that list. This thing is the ultimate date-night no-brainer, especially in a darker colorway. Lululemon used a thin, proprietary fabric called Vitasea, which blends seaweed harvested from sparse Icelandic fjords, with extra-long staple cotton and lycra. Which just means the shirt earns the industry cliches. It is soft and rugged at the same time.

I like the way it hugs the arms and upper chest but relaxes around the belly. I like that the buttons don’t descend too far down the chest. I like that it thins out around the wrist, so I don’t have to roll up the sleeves, and can actually see (or show off) my watch. I like that one reviewer wrote “This shirt is my bfs new life,” so I know I’m not crazy for being so pleased.

Assuming you’re a person who craves intimate connection with another person, and might accomplish that by eating food or listening to music outside of your home, this is your shirt. You can wear it on its own, or with literally any variety of jacket (I’ve been digging Faherty’s Blanket Lined CPO recently), and complete the outfit with jeans and white sneaks. Head to Lululemon now and choose between three colors: Beeswax, Heathered Black, and Heathered Ultra Light Grey.

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