The Internet Wants to Know: Where Is Joel’s “The Last of Us” Episode 6 Coat From?

We tracked down Papa Pedro's killer jacket.

February 21, 2023 12:45 pm
a photo of Joel on a horse in a leather jacket from the last of us show
Joel's collection of badass outwear is growing — we've identified yet another "The Last of Us" jacket.
HBO MAX/Youtube

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The Last of Us is really the gift that keeps on giving, huh? Episode 6, which premiered Sunday night to huge viewership expectations, had us on the edge of our seats. While we’re no spoilers, we’re compelled to bring up a key element of the Naughty Dog adaptation — Joel’s amazing jacket. Not the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket that we previously reported on, or its on-sale cousin, either; we’re well aware of the impact Pedro Pascal’s rugged wardrobe has had on the internet, and we are sensing a clamoring-to-be over his newest winter look, a double-lined shearling jacket fresh off the zombie ranch.

Looking For The OG?

The jacket in question immediately caught our eye not just for the rugged-functional charm we’ve come to expect from Joel’s wardrobe (take a bow, Cynthia Summers), but for the insane detailing and loving patina that affixes the garment. The coat truly does look like it’s been through hell and back, with handsome worn-in-workwear quality that surely took years of hard labor (or months of running from infected) to achieve.

a photo of Joel and Tommy embracing from The Last of Us
Joel’s newest “The Last of Us’ jacket has some unique oddities that helped us track it down.
Liane Hentscher/HBO

We were so enamored with the style that we just had to find out where it was from…a sentiment that we suspect many The Last of Us fans and menswear fanatics share. And after hours of research, Reddit sleuthing, and reaching out to The Last of Us costume department, we have an answer — one that we didn’t expect.

While we previously reported that the jacket could have been an earlier version of Vermont-based Orvis’ World’s Finest Shearling Coat or a vintage make — the conclusion makes sense given the heritage brand’s centuries of craftsmanship, renowned leatherwork and outdoor-design offerings — we can now confirm the jacket is made by Brooklyn-based Aston Leather, a small private and dual label manufacturer. Dubbed the Laredo Shearling Coat, the heavyweight style boosts impeccable sourcing — the materials are “acquired from the most reputable environmentally friendly tanneries in Europe and USA,” according to their website — and all the detailing that we’ve come to admire on The Last of Us.

We can’t promise that grabbing Joel’s winter layer — conversely, its very convincing Orvis dupe — will improve your rifle skills or earn you a dad of the year award, we can guarantee that you’ll be warm, cozy, and oozing style. That is, if you happen to have a couple grand laying around, that is.

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