Deal: Kelly Slater’s Outerknown Rarely Has a Sale This Big

It's up to 60% off shirts, tees, trunks and outerwear

Colorful shirts are part of Kelly Slater's surf and lifestyle brand's big sale

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Kelly Slater’s eco-conscious fashion line Outerknown has perfected an elevated Cali-lifestyle look, but the goods tend to be pretty pricy. (A nice overview of the brand’s ethos — and like-minded brands — can be found here.) In other words, sustainability ain’t cheap. 

So when Outerknown throws a big sale, you pounce. The brand’s Summer Sale promises up to 60% off tees, shirts, pants, outerwear, accessories and more. It’s a lot of items that would be great right now, one month into a fiery summer, and a few items that’ll do nicely in fall … at least in warmer climes.

A few favorites from the sale, below (most of these are available in several colors and sizes, but sales are final). Sale ends Sunday.

Midcentury BBQ Shirt by Outerknown

Midcentury BBQ Shirt

S.E.A. Shirt by Outerknown

S.E.A. Shirt 

S.E.A. Legs by Outerknown

S.E.A. Legs Slim

Overlook Fleece by Outerknown

Overlook Fleece Pullover Hoodie

Offshore Rain Jacket by Outerknown

Offshore Rain Jacket

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