Deal: This $32 Sweatshirt Is Ideal for Fall Weekends

Jomers intros a colorful line of affordably comfy layers

Jomers sweatshirts
Two of the dozen new sweatshirt styles at Jomers

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A few weeks late, but it finally feels like fall in the Northeast, which means it’s time to put on a cozy sweatshirt.

And there’s no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money. This is about looking and feeling comfortable, not making a statement.

So leave it to Jomers to get the fall layering right. You know Jomers — crafters of high-end menswear delivered at nearly H&M prices. Their new sweatshirt collection is made with premium Japanese knit cotton (woven exclusively for the brand), available in 12 different colors and textures — as in, say, an oatmeal shade French Terry, or a knitted heather blue jacquard.

Pair any of ‘em with jeans and sneakers, and you’re ready for tailgating, hiking, hay-riding or any other cool weather activity. 

The ‘shirts officially launch later this week, but we have a sneak peek for our readers at the shop button below. 

Bonus: Our exclusive Jomers discount for Cone denim is still available, albeit in far fewer available sizes. That’s $68 jeans for $27 if you use this link.

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