These Dress Shoes Are Tailor-Made From Vintage Suits

How to one-up the next guy

May 1, 2017 9:00 am

At times, menswear can feel like a big game of oneupsmanship. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with that: a man should be allowed to enjoy the occasional sport of besting his sartorial comrades.

And to achieve that, you can really do no better than Switzerland’s Ja Ja Genau, a brand we spotted at Baselworld earlier this year. JJG is in the business of making dress shoes and belts crafted from old suits, combining two classic forms to create something entirely modern.

These aren’t your all-purpose everyday dress shoes. These are a rousing, go-to-hell option for enlisting a few eyeballs in a room where everyone is dressed to impress.

Heading to Pitti Uomo? Put them on. Job interview? Leave them in the closet. Unless the job interview is at Pitti Uomo.

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All Ja Ja Genau shoes feature bold tartan patterns in wool-blended fabrics, which opens up the field of play to experiment with texture. Each pair is also finished off with a water-resistant inner layer, microfiber lining and hand-stitched leather soles, and sold with an optional matching belt.

Head on over to Ja Ja Genau for more info.

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