Allow The Huckberry x Timex Ironman to Reintroduce Itself

The much-deserved reissue is available exclusively at Huckberry

April 25, 2023 10:50 am
a Huckberry x Timex watch on a black and yellow background
Allow Huckberry x Timex to reintroduce itself.
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There’s certainly something to be said about the smartwatch boom. We can now pack a supercomputer’s worth of nifty features onto our wrists — screening calls, pinpointing location down to the exact lat-long, even monitoring VO₂ max — all of which should, in theory, help us train smarter, connect easier and generally live better. But there’s also something to be said about the movement back to unconnected tech. Excess data can actually mislead and corrupt our runs and lifts, and all too often, that $699 Apple Watch cracks just months after breaking it out.

A Classic, Deep Cut of a Military Watch Is Available Once More
The Marathon Navigator in stainless steel is back, and this time, it features a handy date window.

Huckberry x Timex is here to change that. The multi-brand retailer and Waterbury, CT-founded watch institution have joined forces to bring back an all-analog gem in the Ironman Flix Reissue ($109). Incepted as part of the cult-classic Timex Ironman series — no-frills, tough-as-nails timepieces dating back to the 1980s developed for some of the most grueling and intense races know to man — the original Flix came with just a few simple features, all centered around a utilitarian performance and unparalleled durability. It’s a winning formula, even 30 years later — Navy SEALS and hardened athletes, maybe even a president here or there, alike continue to use the no-tech timepiece.

a model wearing the Huckberry x Timex Ironman Flix Reissue watch
More than 20 years after its 1999 release, the Timex Ironman Flix returns.

Now, the two outdoor giants have teamed up to for a throwback, reissuing the archived ’90s Timex model, with all the low-tech benchmarks of Timexes gone by. INDIGLO Night-Light (Timex’s proprietary glow-in-the-dark watch face? Check. Marathon-worthy 100-lap memory chronograph, with specs for total time, average lap time, and best lap time? Check? Walkman-themed black and yellow colorway? Yup — it’s a ’90s Timex, alright.

The Huckberry x Timex Ironman Flix Reissue is available at both Huckberry and Timex…for now. Whether you’re driven by nostalgia or looking to avoid being driven insane by your smartwatch, the limited-edition reissue is the perfect, affordable way to reintroduce some analog style back into your wristwatch collection. You just have to buy it online, first.

Case Width: 44 mm | Case Material: Resin | Water Resistance: 100 m

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