Get the Perfect Summer Robe Right Now on Sale

Indulge in a Turkish delight.

Organic Mediterranean Robe

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Finding the perfect summer robe is a difficult task to undergo because obviously it’s hot as f*ck out and no one wants to be coddled in a heap of fuzzy cotton, completely counteracting the shower you just took. But thanks to the Turks, there is hope.

Coyuchi’s Organic Mediterranean Robe is inspired by Turkish peshtemals — towels used in Turkish baths featuring unique designs that designate what region people are from — and are known to become softer and more absorbent with each wash. Coyuchi’s lightweight bathrobe is made from 100% organic cotton, sourced and woven in Turkey, and in a fast-drying weave for optimal post-bath comfort. The robe also features an adjustable belt at the waist and two hand pockets for optimal hand-pocketing. And while your neighbors don’t need a robe to tell them where you live, they will know that you’re super comfy.

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