Deal: Flannel Shirts, Flannel Boots, Flannel Everything Is on Sale at L.L.Bean

Flannel sheets, flannel robes, flannel sleeping bags …

L.L.Bean men's shirt jacket, flannel shirt and flannel-lined Bean boots
Yes, L.L.Bean's iconic Bean boots are included in the sale.

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L.L.Bean makes a lot of flannel gear, almost to an absurd extent. During most of the year, perusing in person or scrolling through their wares feels like some sort of lumberjack fever dream. But we are not facing down “most of the year.” We are on the precipice of autumn, flannel’s time to shine.

That means L.L.Bean’s current sale, where the Maine outfitter is offering 15% off a ton of flannel gear with the code FLANNEL15, comes at the opportune moment, when the prospect of buying flannel-lined Bean boots, a flannel-lined jacket and a flannel shirt doesn’t seem ridiculous, but necessary. 

We particularly like the Signature Lined Canvas Shirt Jac, which is available in tan or dark green and lined in lightweight flannel; the Tumbled-Leather 8” Bean Boots, an unmitigated classic featuring a cozier-than-normal interior; and this Organic Flannel Shirt, which swaps the brand’s more traditional wider fit for a slimmed down silhouette. And there’s plenty more where that came from, but the sale ends on Sunday.

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