The Newest Menswear Trend Is Imported Straight From the Old Country

Fisherman sandals are a total nonno move...and the shoes of the summer

August 3, 2023 11:53 am
a tan fisherman sandal on a pebbled beach
Fisherman Sandals: born in the old country, ready for today.
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If you’ve checked the IG feeds recently — or, if you were smart with your PTO and are now headed out in short order for some deserved August vacay — you’ve surely picked up on the fact that the Euro holiday season is reaching a fever pitch, with seeming all of your watch-obsessed finance friends and “self-made” artist associates lounging on pristine white sand, snapping BeReal’s with an unopened copy of “The Guest” and generally looking a White Lotus dilettante, sans abs.

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Even for those stateside, the American in Amalfi pipeline is freely flowing both ways this summer. Linen shirts and Maradona-style short shorts have overtaken the streets of NYC in past months, with Grecian Isle fisherman sandals the bread and butter of every Silverlake resident currently on strike.

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This isn’t some unforeseen outcome: there’s been an undeniable current of Nonno-core injected into men’s clothing in recent years, with pioneers like Teddy Santis — founder of arguably the biggest fashion brand in the world in Aíme Leon Dore — and Davide Baroncini of Pasadena-based Ghiaia Cashmere importing Mediterranean sensibilities and euro-influenced designs of yore directly into the menswear market.

And top of that list is the aforementioned fisherman sandal. Go-to footwear for the leathery denizens of Sicily and buttoned-up Pitti Uomo folks on holiday for decades (also, Roman centurions and the French), the woven slides have finally traversed the Atlantic and ended up at our humble shores.

Part loafer, part woven sandal and a total vibe, these typically leather joints are less hacky sack and more affogato than your typical Rainbow slide, making them a total value proposition for sun-beaten sartorialists who want the benefits of an open-toed slide (Who let the dogs out? Who?) without the associated schlubiness.

To help you better embrace your roots, we’ve scoured the internet for Tuscan Airbnbs the best fisherman sandals, testing a few styles in the process. Below are the best we’ve found, be it because of handsome Sprezzatura-style looks or the rugged Nonno functionality. Below, the best fisherman sandals to holiday in this summer.

Our Favorite Fisherman Sandals for Some Serious Old Country Clout

Hereu Pesca Cutout Fisherman Sandals
Hereu Pesca Cutout Fisherman Sandals

With the hint of a heel and premium treated leather, Hereu’s tastefully burnished fisherman sandals are a bit more elegant than your average pair of plastic jellies, a fact that you might make good use of at your next summer wedding. They make for a killer look with a pair of chunky rib socks and some carefree suit separates, especially if the nuptials in question are taking place in a Toscana villa.

Dockers Searose Fisherman Sandals
Dockers Searose Fisherman Sandals

We’re all for a good cosplay moment here at InsideHook, and rocking the exact pair of $32 Dockers that your pops wore way back when is top of our summer list. Pair with an oversized shirt (perhaps unbutton more than it should be) for optimal Nonno effect.

Thom Browne Brogue Fisherman Sandals
Thom Browne Brogue Fisherman Sandals

North and south collide in the Thom Browne fisherman sandal, with the luxe Milanese touch splattered all over these Sicilian-style summer shoes. Sure, they’re not for everyone, but if you can swing semester of study abroad-esque price tag, then why not?

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