Birkenstock’s New Boston Clogs Strike a Serious Cord

Just when you thought the Boston couldn't get any better

August 1, 2023 12:13 pm
a collage of Birkenstock Boston Corduroy slides on a grey background
The Birkenstock Corduroy Collection is here

Sometimes, the most seemingly benign combos are the ones that make the most sense. Mustard and hotdogs. Medieval Times and day-drinking. Barbie and Oppenheimer, if the numbers have anything to say about it. It’s the same seemingly random yang-yin factor that has us drooling over our latest unionized obsession, a tasty new collection of corduroy-draped Birkenstock Boston clogs.

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This release has us particularly excited for a variety of reasons. Not only does the Corduroy Collection mark the first general release foray into ribbed uppers in the German sandal maker’s history (just in time for corduroy season, aka fall), but it invokes shades of a GOAT-ed 2020 collab between Birkenstock and skate/surf brand Stüssy. Generally considered some of the most coveted Birks of all time — along with a subsequent hot pink Stüssy clog and the Dior-stocks of 2022 — the velvety chocolate corduroy Boston captured the hearts and minds of socks and ‘stockers everywhere, with Hypebros and fashionTokers alike ravenous for more. (Pairs still routinely fetch well over $1,000 when they pop up on secondary resale markets.)

While the Birk-cord cosmic synergies are off the charts, it’s important to note that the Birkenstock Boston Corduroy Collection is not technically, despite its name, actually made from corduroy. To the untrained eye, the riveted upper might look just like a pair of chunky Ralph Lauren trousers or a crispy Carhartt hat, but the clog is actually made from an embossed suede, designed specifically to mimic the standard corduroy effect.

a model in a pair of Birkenstock Boston Corduroy slides on a grey background
Just when you thought the Birkenstock Boston couldn’t get more relaxed

No need to get upset — this choice is both a non-factor for looks (we had you fooled up until now, didn’t we?) and, given the quality and shelf life of Birkenstock’s high-grade materials, a potential bonus for the durability of the shoe. And it’s not just the Boston Clog that’s been gussied up in faux cord. Birkenstock’s Corduroy Collection includes the iconic Arizona and Kyoto slides as well.

The Birkenstock Boston Corduroy Clogs retail for $142 and are available now in five tonal colorways (more, including a “Purple Fog” shade, are floating around on the internet) at Birkenstock’s webstore and below. Grab a pair before they inevitably sell out, or forever hold your peace.

Birkenstock Boston Corduroy Collection

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