Everlane’s “Choose What You Pay” Is the Best Way to Restock Your Wardrobe Basics

Up to half off shirts, shorts and hoodies during this unconventional “sale”


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Everlane doesn’t set sale prices, but they do let you “Choose What You Pay.” That section is a good one to bookmark, almost always offering great deals on their menswear basics as well as their groundbreaking innovations masquerading as basics.

So the brand’s biggest ever Choose What You Pay summer event isn’t a sale, even though you can save about 25-50% on already affordable shirts, pants and sweaters. The deal here is that you can “choose” your savings amount … if you want to kick in a bit more for office overhead and future product development, be our guest.

Otherwise, our favorite Everlane items on sale right now, and pretty much all of ‘em available in multiple colorways:


The Heavyweight Slim Chino

Cashmere crew

The Cashmere Crew


The 365 Fleece Zip Hoodie


The Air Oxford Shirt


Midweight 7” Chino Slim Short

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