Everlane Launches “Uniform,” A Wonderfully Simple and Stylish 12-Piece Collection

12 rugged, elevated everyday basics under $100

Everlane Uniform
Uniform is a line of rugged everyday wares from Everlane

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What if you didn’t have to think about your wardrobe? That’s (sort of) the idea behind Uniform, a new line of 12 everyday pieces from Everlane. 

The direct-to-consumer brand is already known for offering up quality basics (tees, pants, sweaters, etc.) at affordable prices. Uniform is their next stage: the new items have undergone rigorous testing to stimulate a year of heavy wear and washing, which the company claims is “15 times the industry standard.” The idea here is you’ll have no fading, shrinking or general wear and tear, even if you’re constantly wearing these tees, pants and hoodies (the new collection also comes with a 365-day guarantee).

We were able to see various Uniform pieces during the line’s launch this week at Everlane’s new Brooklyn store. Initial thoughts: While the textures varied, nothing here was flimsy. Everything felt strong and a bit heavier than what you’d expect. The chinos, a little lighter in weight, were standouts — they’re sweat-wicking and quick-drying, with a bit of stretch, but they resemble regular pants, not performance gear (aka there was a noticeable lack of shine). 

The muted color range in Uniform means you’re not going to stand out in a crowd, but you will be able to mix and match these wares with pieces you already own. And given the clothing’s clean, minimalist nature, you’ll certainly be immune to style trends. 

As one Everlane rep noted, the idea here with Uniform is that they’re giving you the one go-to item for everyday situations — this is your one white tee, your one chino, your one sweatshirt, etc. And they seem to have succeeded … but give us a year to wear these in.

A few pieces we liked:

Everlane Uniform Slim Fit Japanese Oxford

The Slim Fit Japanese Oxford

Everlane Uniform The Performance Chino

The Performance Chino

Everlane Uniform Performance Jean

The Performance Jean

Everlane Uniform Cotton Crew Tee

The Cotton Crew Tee

Everlane Uniform French Terry Hoodie

The French Terry Hoodie

Everlane Uniform Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket

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