Deal: These Lululemon Joggers Are 40% Off, And You Definitely Need a Pair

Because we all deserve a good pair of abrasion-resistant joggers

ABC Jogger 30" Ventlight Mesh
ABC Jogger 30" Ventlight Mesh

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These ABC Joggers from Lululemon are noteworthy for a handful of reasons. Chief among them, they are touted as being abrasion-resistant as a result of their Ventlight Mesh construction. Secondarily, they’re a tapered fit and with a four-way stretch (not atypical for a jogger) but, additionally, the ABC technology uses an “ergonomic gusset to remove tension from the crotch.” It has us wondering this: Why have we ever settled for anything less than abrasion-resistant, tensionless crotch pants in the first place?

On sale for just $89, not only are the ABC Joggers naturally breathable but they’re water-repellant and available in two colors, too.

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