Deal: 5 Picks From The Big Huckberry Outerwear Sale

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Deal: 5 Picks From The Big Huckberry Outerwear Sale

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Not to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like winter is far from over (although I’m sure the copious amounts of layers required to step out the door are reminder enough). If you found yourself procrastinating winter appropriate clothing in the hopes of putting off the inevitable, but now find yourself and your wardrobe no match for the cold, Huckberry is here to save the day with an outerwear sale. You can now keep out the chill with Faherty’s Polar Fjord Puffer or Finisterre’s Nebulas jacket. Or if you can’t stand the sight of another puffer, there’s a number of jackets of the lighter sort that you can store away and unearth come spring. And if you can’t wait that long to don your goods, there’s always layers — just think of yourself as a fashionable onion.

Levi’s Engineers Coat 2.0

Baro The Quarry

Peregrine Wool Blanket Shirt

Outerknown Reversible Puffer

Capalbio Corduroy Shirt Jacket

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