This Italian Leather Belt Has a 007-Worthy Stash Compartment

Use it to store emergency cash reserves, or other things …

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Dango Products first appeared on our radar with their incredible tactical wallet, which houses a 14-function multi-toolm, features RFID-blocking and can hold up to 12 cards and cash. They also have a handsome billfold if tactical isn’t really your style. The wallets speak to the innovation and sturdy craftsmanship that Dango hangs its hat on, so we knew when they decided to release another product, this time a belt, it surely would not disappoint.

Available in brown or black, these belts are made in the U.S. from Italian veg-tan leather (meaning it was tanned organically, rather than with chemicals). The buckle is made from seven separate machined 7075 aluminum parts, and, crucially, can be disassembled with ease. Wondering why you would ever need to take apart your belt buckle? The answer lies within. One of those seven components is a discreet secret compartment that can be used to store an emergency stash of cash … or really anything that can fit in something 2” long and .3” in diameter.

We say buy it one size small and use it as motivation for that “going to the gym more” New Year’s resolution you’re about to start.

Buy Now: $79

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