Review: The “Dad Hoodie” (and All Its Secret Pockets) Is Not Just for Dads

It’s also 20% off for everyone during preorders

Dad Hoodie
It holds all your baby accessories, but don't let that stop non-dads (Dad Hoodie)

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We rarely express this sentiment, but why should parents get all the fun?

The new Dad Hoodie is supposed to replace an over-the-shoulder-diaper bag. It features an array of interior pockets that each have a dedicated purpose — a lower back diaper pouch, a book pouch, phone pocket, stretch bottle pouch and pacifier pocket. And those pockets are crafted from a breathable, stretchy mesh lining so things don’t get too bulky or hot.

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But who’s to say what purpose those pouches should have? That bottle pocket doesn’t have to hold formula, you know. And the pockets work fine for phones, chargers, cords, small notebooks or passports.

In other words, the Dad Hoodie works just fine for non-parents.

dad hoodie

What I liked (as a non-dad):

  • The hoodie is very soft and comfy. You could sleep in this.
  • The aforementioned pockets, including one extremely long pouch in the back, which is hidden.
  • The tag that comes with the hoodie, which features a baby checklist (bottle, wipes, teether, etc.), a recipe for a dry martini and a place to write emergency numbers.
  • For $5 extra, you can get a Dad Survival Kit (a shot of Maker’s Mark, a razor and Old Spice deodorant). Cute.
  • The contrast of the grey exterior and blue interior gives an otherwise straightforward layer a bit of pop.

What made us think twice:

  • The sizing. Love the “Dad Bod” range (regular, large, grande) but the largest was still a bit too small and short, even before I filled up the pockets. You’ll want to size up, and if you’re an XL (like me), you may want to look elsewhere.
  • The Dad Hoodie has the bulk of an American Giant or Flint & Tinder hoodie even before you start filling your pockets. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it means wearing this is about functionality and comfort more so than style.

Conclusion: Dad or not, if you tend to carry a lot of stuff and don’t want to haul around an extra pack, you’ll be happy with this (outside of minor sizing concerns). As an alternative (especially for non-fathers), you may also want to consider the Voyageurs Hoodie, a new multi-pocketed layer from the Adv3nture Hoodie folks.

The Dad Hoodie is currently 20% off with the code 20FIRST.

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