We Don’t Always Recommend $65 Dress Shoes…

But Combatant Gentlemen’s new shoe line is a game changer

May 16, 2016 9:00 am

Look, we’re not averse to spending money on our wardrobes.

But we also like a good deal — especially the burgeoning direct-to-consumer model (aka no middleman markup).

So cheers to Combatant Gentlemen, who craft extremely affordable wardrobe essentials that can go toe-to-toe with the biggest names in the biz.

Speaking of toes:  CG just launched their nascent shoe line, Toecap. Oxfords, Chelsea boots, double-monk straps — all handsome stuff, and all at one-third of the price you’d expect.

Personally, we’ve been fans of Combat Gent for a while — yours truly owns a suit and a few shirts from the CG guys. The company delivers “luxury” essentials at affordable prices (like $160 Italian wool suits and $30 ties) because they pretty much own the entire production process, right down to “planting [their] own cotton and even raising [their] own sheep.”

Bonus: the brand is particularly great for weddings: you can buy a suit or a tuxedo superior to a rental for about the same price.

Given the price points, the company certainly targets their wares toward millennials (the editorial on their site certainly has a young-man-navigating-the-world vibe: ”What to Wear to Every Type of Interview,” “Pocket Square Strategy,” etc.).

But the styles are timeless, and we’ve found them essential at filling in gaps in our wardrobe.

Toecap, their first shoe line, just launched, includes:

Plus: a suede driving loafer and a leather penny. Sizes run from 7-12, prices $65-$80.

Time to give your wardrobe a little kick.

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