The 6 Best Places to Buy Engagement Rings Online

You can pick a vintage or custom engagement ring with the click of a mouse

September 26, 2022 11:57 am
Engagement rings from Kinn, Blue Nile and Catbird
It’s usually cheaper to buy a diamond ring online than it is from a brick and mortar store.
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These days you can buy literally anything online, including engagement rings. An engagement ring is a big purchase, though, and while completing the transaction online is still relatively simple, it involves a few more steps than just clicking, “add to cart”. 

The benefits of buying an engagement ring online

An easy shopping experience is just one of the benefits of buying an engagement ring online. It’s usually cheaper to buy a diamond ring online than it is from a brick and mortar store. 

Additionally, when you’re shopping online you have access to a selection of rings far greater than just what’s in your driving radius. The internet has made the world your ring-shopping oyster. 

Key terms

The quality and value of a diamond is decided based on the 4 Cs. Cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Carat: refers to how heavy the diamond is and is the metric you probably already know most about. But, when it comes to diamonds bigger isn’t always better.

Cut: Put simply, the quality of a diamond’s cut dictates how much it sparkles. If a diamond’s cut is too shallow or too deep, the way light reflects off all of the surfaces can make the stone look dull, which is what we don’t know.

Color: It’s graded on a scale from D-Z, D being the best and Z the worst. A D-rated diamond is absolutely colorless, and thus rare.

Clarity: It’s determined by how many flaws the stone has. It’s almost impossible to find a perfect, imperfection-free diamond, which is why an FL (Flawless) grade is rare. The less imperfections, the more expensive the stone.

Things to consider When Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Consultation: A big part of engagement ring shopping is seeing the diamond in all of its sparkly, lustrous glory. How does that translate when you’re shopping online? Many online retailers offer virtual consultations, where you can talk to a jeweler or expert about your desires. If a site you’re looking at offers consultations, definitely take advantage and set one up. And now that you’ve gotten a crash course on what to look for in a stone, you’ll be able to (virtually) walk into any consultation with the knowledge to ask the right questions. And online shopping will be made easier because you’ll have more clarity on what you’re looking for. 

Ring size: Last tip: know the right ring size. You can always get a ring resized, but it may cost you. Plus, when you get down on one knee you want the moment to be perfect. Putting a ring on their finger just for it to slide off sounds like a no. 

If you still feel like you need to get a better sense of what you or your partner wants, head into a local jewelry store to look in person before you shop online. Now, you’re ready to get to shopping. Here are 6 of the best places to buy engagement rings online. 

Brilliant Earth

Opera Diamond Engagement Ring
Brilliant Earth

In partnership with Brilliant Earth

Despite the extremely thorough glossary we just laid out for you, all the engagement ring education in the world might still leave you unsure of exactly where your diamonds came from. For those conscientious consumers who value transparency, sustainability and ethics as much as quality, Brilliant Earth has spent nearly 20 years raising the bar, using only responsibly sourced, “Beyond Conflict Free” diamonds. Choose from a huge variety of exquisitely crafted, beautiful rings in classic and contemporary styles, or create your own at one of their stores or through their extensive virtual experience. Still not sure where to start? The Opera Diamond Engagement Ring is a showstopper, with a tapered band accenting pear-shaped diamonds framing the center stone.

Blue Nile

A Blue Nile Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring on a gray background
Blue Nile Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring
Blue Nile

If you’ve ever shopped for diamond jewelry online, you’ve probably come across Blue Nile. Blue Nile has been around since 1999 and is one of the biggest players in the online diamond and fine jewelry business. The retailer gets high-quality, ethically-sourced diamonds from independent suppliers and cuts out the middleman, ensuring that you can get a great sparkly stone for a better value.


An AyalaDiamonds Vintage Engagement Ring 14K Rose Gold on a gray background.
AyalaDiamonds Vintage Engagement Ring 14K Rose Gold

For a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind, Etsy is sure to deliver. The online marketplace has a whole section dedicated to engagement rings, where different artisans are selling unique, handmade, and vintage rings. Whether you’re looking to splurge on an alternative stone like a sapphire or want an affordable Moissanite ring in a traditional style, you can be sure Etsy has something for you, and your budget.  Another great thing about Etsy is you can communicate with the seller directly before you make your purchase. You can ask questions and many sellers will even take special requests. 


The Catbird Ilona Ring Diamond on a gray background
Catbird Ilona Diamond Ring

Catbird’s vintage-inspired fine jewelry pieces are of the dainty, delicate sort that just ooze romance. The site’s engagement ring selection includes pieces from the brands’ own label, as well as pieces from other small jewelry designers like Jennie Kwon and Wwake. Expect to find diamonds with ornate gold settings and bands showcasing bright gemstones instead of the classic diamond. 

If knowing where your jewelry comes from is as important as what it looks like, Catbird proudly touts its commitment to sustainability and transparency. The brand uses recycled and ethically sourced metals and diamonds, and only carries other independent designers that share the same values. Sustainable and simply stunning.


A CustomMade Engagement Ring on a gray background
CustomMade Engagement Ring

A completely customized wedding ring sounds like it would cost an arm and leg, but not at CustomMade. The online retailer wants to make custom wedding rings accessible to all. From start to finish, the aptly-named CustomMade provides a (yep, you guessed it) ring creation experience that’s personalized to give you exactly what you want. Every CustomMade ring is different, and thus will cost a different amount, but prices are comparable to what you would get off the shelf from any other retailer. Whether you want a ring that features their birthstone in the middle or something that takes artistic inspiration from their favorite movie, the designers at CustomMade can help you create the ring of your wildest dreams.


A Kinn The Sophia Engagement Ring on a gray background
Kinn The Sophia Engagement Ring

It’s not uncommon for wedding rings to be passed down from generation to generation. Kinn was founded by Jennie Yoon to create modern heirlooms: classic pieces that stand the test of time, can be worn for a lifetime, and passed down for future generations to enjoy. All of Kinn’s engagement rings are bespoke and made with all of your little details in mind. Kinn has a curated selection of styles that you can use as starting points for creating your perfect ring. If you have a family heirloom you want to repurpose into a new ring, Kinn can help you do that too. Kinn will work with you to find a piece that matches your style and budget, but you can always expect 14k gold (or platinum) and conflict-free, fair trade diamonds.

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