These Drinking Boots Have a Hiking Problem

Pretty sure this isn't what they mean by 12-step program ...

June 27, 2017 9:00 am

You often hear Brits complain about the dreadful weather on their side of the pond. Yet, if it wasn’t for adverse climes, we wouldn’t have damn handsome boots, let alone damn handsome boots with a flask pocket. 

Ya heard right: Oliver Sweeney, maker of exceptional boots, and Talisker, maker of tasty Scotch, have partnered to bring two of the U.K.’s notable crafts to your feet with their Hiking and Whisky gift set

hipflask boot (5 images)

A collaboration between the two labels, the brown Italian leather hiking boot features a 2 oz. hipflask (footflask?) on the outer left ankle, and comes with a bottle of Talisker’s 10-year to keep your hike well lubricated. Part of the St. Mortiz sole came from the cask where the Talisker was aged. The whole package comes in a solid oak box. 

Seeing that drinking and hiking has a tendency to lead one down the road less traveled, make sure you bring a compass.

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