Deal: Everything Is 25% Off at Bonobos

Because why not get a little dressed up for your next trip to the grocery store?

Deal: Everything Is 25% Off at Bonobos

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Now that you find yourself with ample time on your hands, you might as well spend it engaging in some online shopping. If there’s anything that can come close to filling the void self-isolation has instilled in us all, it’s clothing. One retailer that understands we’re in desperate need of retail therapy is Bonobos, where the entire site is 25% off with code BNB25.

After weeks of seemingly wearing nothing but sweats and athleisure, clothing with some semblance of structure and purpose outside of lounging is a welcome reprieve. Bonobos has plenty of clothing that will make you feel like an actual, functioning human being. Why shouldn’t you get a little dressed up for your next grocery store run?

Eco Cotton Sweater Henley

Italian Stretch Chinos

Lightweight Nylon Bomber Jacket

Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt

Graphic Tee

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