The 8 Best Gloves for Every Variety of Awful Weather

Don't frostbite the hand that feeds

December 22, 2017 9:00 am

The wintertime gear onus normally falls on the down parka and snow boots.

But the thing is, Jack Frost or Old Man Winter (or whichever hibernal personification you prefer) doesn’t care how dashing you look in the snow. He’s taking you down starting at the fingertips if you’re not prepared.

So yes, you’re going to need some tough gloves. And unlike a knit cap, your hands require a few options for the varying degrees of activity and, well, degrees.

Below, literal powerhouses with battery-assisted heating, a touchscreen-compatible leather pair for a night at the theater, and every other style you’ll need.

For chopping wood …
Best Made Company Wool-Trimmed Leather Chopper Mittens
Fittingly, an outfitter that got its start with axes makes handsome wood-chopping mitts. And of course they’ll look good on Instagram, too.

For a night at the theater…
Dents Shaftesbury Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves
A classic set of handsewn leather gloves, but with fingertips engineered for touchscreens so you can pull up your tickets or order a Lyft without taking them off.

For skiing and snowboarding …
Hestra Morrison Pro Model 3-Finger Glove
Warmer than a standard glove and more dexterous than a mitten. A combo of hybrid leather uppers with waterproofed cowhide, a weather-resistant membrane and Thermolite insulation means you’ll only have to post up by the fire when you’re done for the day.

For cold-weather runs …
The North Face Etip Gloves
Whether it’s a pre-sunrise jog through the neighborhood or an emergency whiskey restock, these device-compatible numbers with extra grip will do the trick.

For all-purpose work …
Give’r 4-Season Glove
Waterproof leather gloves with an insulating ribbed cuff for taking down Christmas lights, setting up the icehouse or fixing a flat with your foul-mouthed kid.

For snowmobiling and ice fishing …
Hestra Power Heater Glove
Reminiscent of the Power Glove, these are battery-powered and recommended for skiing. But the extra tech packed in makes them even better suited for more stationary activities.

For shoveling the driveway …
Pow Gloves Royal GTX Mitten
Again, these are made for the slopes, but that kind of mindset lends itself well to chipping away at packed ice and sweeping away a pristine rink on the pond. And the mitten design is a must. 

For your one cold-weather travels …
Barbour Leather Utility Glove
If it doesn’t dip below freezing where you live, and your only snowy escapade is a trip to a friend’s cabin or New York City, you’ll need an all-around glove like this. Full-grain leather will do on a night out and the faux-fur lining will keep you warm if you have to dig the car out.

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