11 Superior Neckerchiefs for Mopping Sweat, Looking Cool

Making the case for the pocket square’s blue-collar cousin

August 8, 2018 9:00 am

For the man desiring neck adornment that recalls neither Boy Scouts nor Lenny Kravitz, a neckerchief is the quickest way to add life, color and personality to your look, with sweat-mopping capabilities to boot. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive piece of silk (though it can be) — it need only be your everyday bandana, neatly tied.

You also have about a jillion options for where to tie it — and how — from tidy knots to drapey wisps, cravat-style or cowboy-style. If you’re someone who can blow your nose into a cloth, return it to your pocket, and then produce it again without disgust, more power to you. These will technically serve that purpose, if you insist, but will look better around your neck.

From the original paisley to its silken counterpart and a few pieces printed with life-saving tactical info, take your pick from the 11 options below.

The Basics
American Cotton Bandana 3-Pack | $15

The Survivalist
OEM Survival Bandana | $9

The Hand-Dyed Shibori Number
Kiriko Indigo Cotton Bandana | $39

The Artist’s Sketch
Hidden Mountains Limited Edition Bandana by Scotty Albrecht | $15

The Artist’s Statement
“New Forms” Bandana by Cody Hudson | $16

The OG
Elephant Brand Bandanas  | $11

The Fisherman’s Friend
Colter Co. Fly Fishing Knots Bandana | $14

The Bon Vivant
Drake’s Paisley Bandana Scarf | $79

The OG, Elevated
Italian Cotton Bandana Pocket Square | $40

The Silken Cowboy
Wild Rag Solid Silk Western Cowboy Buckaroo | $30

The Travel Companion
Travellers Club Neckerchief | $40

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