EBay, Of All Places, Is the Best Place to Cop Your First Designer Bag

Authenticated, pre-owned leather goodness

a collage of luxury bags on a gradient background

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There’s no question about it: the perfect designer bag is hard to find. And it’s harder still if you aren’t a seasoned luxury connoisseur; with the amount of fakes floating around and monstrous price tags on new retail, it’s a daunting task indeed. But, per the tenth commandment (or was that the first amendment?), swagging out comes before all, and, as runway look after runway look demonstrated during the most recent fashion weeks, a key component for the elite dresser is undoubtedly a tasteful carry-all. From the largest monogrammed duffle to the smallest calfskin cardholder, a luxury leather bag tops our accessory list every time.

These two seemingly opposing dogmas (the “good luxury bag” scarcity principle and the “must have a good luxury bag” decree) seem irreconcilable. But wait! From out of left field, a solution appears. Its name? eBay. The secondhand market may seem like an odd place to splurge on thousand-dollar Italian labels, but eBay’s retail practices, especially their luxury-adjacent ones, have come a long way since the giant was just a platform to sell baseball cards, war memorabilia and used furniture. As part of a recent foray into the elevated collectors market — their third-party sneaker market is one of the premier sellers in the online space — eBay’s stock from the likes of Gucci and Prada have skyrocketed, in lockstep with the growing demand by gents like yourself for a damn good bag.

Those who are (rightly) nervous about making a $1,000 purchase online, especially through a third-party vendor, should be thrilled to hear about eBay’s 100% Authenticated Guarantee. The process, which involves a completely free, in-person authentication, 3-day anti-theft delivery practices, and a money-back guarantee, is structured to give you the peace of mind you need whether copping your first Vuitton briefcase or your latest designer duffle. It takes the stress out of the process, and with some of the pre-owned deals available on mint-condition designer bags, it’ll take the presumed financial strain out of your cop, too — looks like next mont’s’ rent won’t be late after all.

eBay’s done most of the work on their side, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve pitched in and identified some truly excellent deals from the hottest labels around, just for you. Gucci, Valentino and Saint Laurent all feature in our top eBay finds, with a smattering of both new and used wallets, travel bags and more below, and thousands more authenticated options on eBay’s website. Just remember: your paycheck is temporary, but clout is forever.

A Gucci duffle bag on a grey background

Gucci GG X-Large Duffle Travel Bag Monogram Canvas

a LV wallet on a grey background

Louis Vuitton Pallas Compact Monogram Canvas and Calfskin Wallet

a Prada travel bag on a grey background

Prada Saffiano Black Business Bag

a YSL briefcase on a grey background

Saint Laurent Brown Monogram Briefcase Travel Shoulder Bag

a Valetnino backpack on a grey background

Valentino VLTN Men’s Backpack

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