Deal: Yes, You Can Still Enjoy the Outdoors (Alone). Here's What to Wear When You Do.

Just make sure you're alone, please.

Deal: Yes, You Can Still Enjoy the Outdoors (Alone). Here's What to Wear When You Do.

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We’re living in uncertain times right now and the rules as to what we can and cannot do are a little murky. But before you resign yourself to being a complete recluse with no hope of seeing the light of day, we thankfully retain the freedom to still enjoy the great outdoors (albeit with some slight caveats).

Now more than ever in this time of quarantine and self-isolation do we need to relish the moments of fresh air and sunshine we’re afforded — responsibly, that is. While we’re advocating for the chance to stretch your legs, that doesn’t mean you should be congregating in groups or picnicking in the park. Remember, six feet, people!

And if you do decide to embark on a walk (in solitude) or even maybe a hike (also in solitude), you don’t want to risk exposing your work from home clothes to any potential germs. Thankfully, Backcountry’s sale section is abundant with all the outdoorsy clothes one could need, from classic hiking boots to windbreakers for any inclement weather. Besides, getting dressed in something other than sweats will prove to be a welcome reprieve.

The North Face TKA Glacier 1/4-Zip Fleece Jacket

Patagonia Fitz Roy Scope Organic T-Shirt

Danner Mountain Light Boot 

Volcom Frickin Slim Jogger Pant

Billabong Transport Windbreaker

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