One of Europe’s Largest Online Fashion Retailers Is Having a Major Sale

ASOS currently has thousands of products up to 70% off

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ASOS is one of the largest online clothing retailers out there. Which means you get the benefits that come from a large company: quick customer service team, easy return process and wide selection of major house brands. There are also dozens of international brands sold along ASOS’s own, which means you’d be hard-pressed to find similar clothes casually shopping in the US. These two reasons alone are why you can spend hours scrolling through ASOS’s inventory, and while supplies last thousands of those clothes are on sale up to 70% off. It’s your lucky day.

ASOS items include well-made basics, unsuspecting fast fashion, designer coats and sneakers, and more. But you’ll need to watch out for size-conversions since most clothes were originally designed overseas. Below are just five out of the thousands of items currently on sale. 

North Face V-Stok Parka
The color scheme on this “green” V-Stok is a bit loud, but the colors themselves don’t limit the parka to just one season.

BUY IT HERE: $440 $308

Paul Smith Shoes
These classic work-casual shoes from Paul Smith come with a subtle design flair that adds a little pizzaz without making too big of a splash.

BUY IT HERE: $276 $220

Select Homme Waterproof Parka
For a more understated jacket, this parka comes with a sleek waterproof shell and removable lining. Meaning it will keep you warm now, but not too warm later when the temperature begins to rise.

BUY IT HERE: $458 $229

Replay Hawaiian Shirt
This take on the Hawaiian shirt is better than most for it’s lack of nauseating colors and the typical straight-to-thrift all-over flower print.

BUY IT HERE: $151 $75

Lacoste Crew Neck Block Sweater
A classic and low-key color block sweater from Lacoste.

BUY IT HERE: $261 $130

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