Score the Shirt Favored by Fitzgerald, Picasso and Warhol for Under $40

Armor-Lux just got double the discounts on END.

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If we told you James Dean wore a certain shirt, would that be enough to make you buy it? For the sake of your stylistic autonomy, we hope it takes more than that. But what if we told you this garment was also favored by multiple men’s style icons, including Cary Grant and F. Scott Fitzgerald, as well as eccentrics like Warhol and Picasso?

Well then, certainly we’re talking about a menswear staple. Yes, we are, but there’s a good chance your closet is missing this historic layer — the blue-and-white Breton stripe.

We’ve previously discussed the history of the seafaring shirt, but all you need to know is that of the three French brands still championing the style, Armor-Lux is the king of the pure, sea-born mariniere. And right now END. just added an extra 15% off to their already heavily discounted assortment of classic Armor-Lux Breton stripe shirts.

If you’re going to buy one, make it the Long-Sleeve Mariniere Heritage Tee. It’ll be your new favorite layer, and it most closely resembles the original with its classic blue-and-white color scheme, correctly proportioned 2-to-1 Breton stripe and scoop neck. In fact, you’ll probably want to pick up a couple since they’re down to $38.25 from an original $69 (minus shipping).

BUY NOW: $38.25 $69

If you’re not convinced by the bright blue, try the more refined milk and ebony colorway for the same $38.25. Not sure about long sleeves? The short-sleeve Doélan tee offers up the Breton stripe for a cool $30, and in a variety of colors from the classic white and blue to a polished white and navy to a darker reversed style.

And if you’re looking for photographic proof all these icons donned the style, we’ve got the receipts right here.


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