American Crew’s New Line Solves All Your Dude-Specific Skin Issues

How to fix thin hair, face lines and the bags under your eyes

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I have a soft spot for American Crew products, the classically masculine smell of their original pomade recalling the barbershop my parents brought me to during my formative years. But I’ve only ever relied on the company for styling. I’ve tried their other products, from shaving cream to body wash, and haven’t found them to be particularly noteworthy. That is, until now.

This September, American Crew launched Acumen in the U.K., a brand new line of “shower, shave, care and style” products. Basically, it’s a top-tier skincare collection featuring 15 new creams, lotions, gels and all the other goops most men weren’t quite ready to embrace when the company was founded in 1994. Until now, the line hasn’t been available stateside.

Now, Acumen is exclusively available at Bloomingdale’s in the U.S., and I got my hands on the line to test for myself. At first glance, the branding won’t grab you like that of all the hipper direct-to-consumer grooming companies flooding the market. But after a week of use, the actual products stood out among both younger and more established players for one reason: they’re designed to tackle specific issues guys have with their skin. 

Of course, no put-together gent is going to upend his entire grooming routine in one fell swoop, but there are a few essentials here that every put-together gent should consider adding. Below, find my five personal favorites, tackling a man’s most vexing skincare woes, from bags under your eyes to thinning hair. 

Eye Energizing Hydrating Gel
What it fixes: Those puffy bags under your eyes, from working (or drinking) too much.
How to use: Every morning, squeeze a small amount onto the roller ball, then gently massage into the skin around your eye (not too close!), moving from underneath your eyebrows to the puffy areas below your eyes.


Scalp Revitalizer
What it fixes: Weak hair roots and thin hair … without looking oily or crunchy.
How to use: When your hair is dry after a shower, spray five to seven times from different angles from about a foot away. Gently massage into your scalp with your whole hand, then leave in.


Nourishing Cream Pomade
What it fixes: Hair that frizzes and dries out in the middle of the day.
How to use: A new pomade formula that includes Acumen’s Complex, a proprietary blend of vitamins as well as antioxidant and moisturizing agents. Massage a dollop over the surface of your hands, then work it evenly into dry hair, starting from the back and moving forward.


Recharging Hydrating Cream
What it fixes: The elasticity of your face, unwanted lines and dryness.
How to use: The hyaluronic acid works to hydrate while the ginger root extract restores elasticity. Apply an even layer to your entire mug (don’t forget your neck) after washing with your cleanser of choice.


Clay Exfoliating Cleanser
What it fixes: Removes dirt and dead skin, and keeps zits at bay.
How to use: Massage a thin layer over your whole face with two fingers, don’t cake it on. Wait a minute while it dries, then wash off with warm water. Feel refreshed instead of raw.



Images courtesy of American Crew

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